October 15, 2012

Rules for Sacred Space


1.     It can be anywhere.
2.     It might have a road through it.
3.     You must find it for yourself.
4.     You must spend time there.
5.     The more time you spend, the more you will:
                 see,  hear,  feel,  smell,  taste.
6.     You must be still!
7.     You must be quiet.
8.     Do not have ego.
9.     It is good to be:  old, female, plain-faced, unfashionable. These help to make you invisible.
10.  Stay until you see, hear, feel, smell, taste something new
                 and amazing.
11.  Stay longer than you planned.
12.  This sacred space is now yours.
13.  Give great thanks.

Annelinde Metzner
Biltmore Estate
April 14, 2000

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